Irish Nights - Ceol, Craic agus Bia!

At Kate Kearney's we host a Traditional Irish Night which consists of dinner, traditional music and costumed dancers.

The night is presented for groups either in our Restaurant or specially customised 'Barn'. The ambience and fine food of this night has earned Kate Kearney's various awards and a worldwide reputation.

The key aspects of our Irish Nights are as follows:

• Excellent food with choices of traditional dishes, various menus available.

• Traditional entertainment with songs, musicians playing guitar and other stringed instruments including fiddle, mandola, Irish bouzouki, banjo and bodhrán, Irish accordian, uilleann pipes, low whistle and tin whistle.

• Display of costumed Irish dancers featuring reels, jigs and the almost forgotten 'Brush Dance'.

• Electric atmosphere!

For our Irish nights menu, click here. For enquiries please email here. 

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